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Technical Session - 1

Role of Children and Young People in Mitigating Climate Change

Role of children and young people and finding solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss.

Promotion of international climate action network of students and young people for sharing of information, promotion of biodiversity clubs in school and colleges.

Climate change advocacy campaign and really by school children and young people.

Climate campaign for using renewable energy.

Networking with climate justice alliance on international networks working with community based organization for climate movement.

Technical Session - 2

Strengthening Capacity Of Children And Young People On Climate Change Mitigation And Adaptive Efforts.

International Round Table on climate change and Climate action.

Workshop on climate policy and people’s biodiversity Register.

Presentation on environmental learning through jungle camp through.

  • Pencil drawing
  • Painting easy
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Story Telling
  • Performing Art
global summit technical session

Story telling of indigenous leaders on biodiversity loss climate change mitigation and community based mechanism to address drought cyclone and natural disaster.

Small group round table discussion on climate change and climate justice participated by young people and school children.

Case study of success story on climate action project by NGO / indications group involved in climate mitigation action.

Building local alternatives that revolve around ecological culture and local knowledge for creation of a pathway for regenerative future

Technical Session - 3

Promoting Meaningful Participation Of Children And Young People In Climate Process.

Workshop on Children promoting biodiversity garden in school.

Presentation by children on the methods of observation and documentation of success stories of climate mitigation in forest villages.

Interface with policy markers, political leaders and environmental expert participated in mock parliament organized by students and young people.

Understanding community-based action for sustainable village development adopting holistic approach for organic vegetable cultivation, pond fisheries, disaster management, composting, vermiculture, mulching, herbal pesticides, raised bed cultivation, terracing for soil conservation etc.

Learning lessons from Indian youth Climate Network, New Delhi, Youth Climate Movement, Sunrise Movement, School Strike for Climate Change, Australian Youth Climate Change, Climate Action Network, Future Coalition, UK Youth Climate Coalition, Plant for the life, Earth Echo International, Generation Climate Europe, Youth and Environment Europe, Power Shift Network, Youth for Climate, Teach the Future, Voice of Youth, UK Students Climate Network, World youth Climate Justice etc and other youth led organization around the globe working on climate change.

Workshop on Children promoting biodiversity garden in school.

Global Summit 2023

Technical Session - 4

Introducing Climate Change Curriculum In Schools And College Level.

Workshop of teachers on environment policies programs and climate action education.

Workshop on carbon emission, greenhouse gas, global warming, water pollution, air pollution destruction of agriculture, grassland, and deforestation.

Building positive attitude in children and youth for climate action.

Workshop of teachers on impact of climate crisis on children and sustainable development.

Technical Session - 5

Sustanable Waste Management. Engaging Children and Young People.

Municipal solid waste management.

Biomedical waste management.

Plastic and hazardous waste management.

Technology for industrial waste management.

Rain water harvesting.

Waste management in school and colleges.

The problems of waste generation and management.

Development for waste management.

Waste management, waste resource facilities and waste conversion processes.

Summary of Activities

The agenda for global summit have been sub grouped in three parts.

global summit 2023

A. Preparatory Phase (December 2022 to October2023)

  • Preparative workshop of children on climate change and its impact with resources person from Forest Department Government of Odisha.
  • Lecture by expert on climate change policies program and schemes.
  • Training of students on promoting international climate action network.
  • Pilot climate change action campaign by school children.
  • Preparatory Mock Parliament organized by Thakur Global School, Mumbai through Zoom Meeting
  • Planting of roadside 1000 tree saplings
  • Adopting a village for promoting biodiversity garden
  • Nursery raising in School campus and adopted villages for plantation
  • Periodic webinar and lecture delivery by international youth climate activists.
  • Workshop on methods of observation, documentation of success stories photography and Videography.
  • Training on preparation of people’s biodiversity register lecture by an resource person from State Biodiversity Board.
  • Preparatory Inter School Round Table Discussion on climate change issue.(Zoom Meeting)
  • Workshop on Mock Parliament
  • Preparatory Jungle camp and presentation by pencil drawing, painting , essay, photography and Videography
  • Preparatory Story telling workshop by tribal leader in a village
global summit 2023
global summit 2023

B. Global Summit (27th November To 1st December, 2023)

  • Technical session 1 - Role of children and young people in mitigation of climate change.
  • Technical session 2- Strengthening capacity of children and young people on climate change mitigation and adaptive efforts.
  • Technical session 3- Promoting meaningful participation of children and young people in climate action process.
  • Technical session 4- Introducing climate change curriculum in school and college level.

Special Attraction

  • Mock parliament on climate change.

  • Round table discussion on climate change

  • Poster photography and presentation

  • Learning from Story Telling by Tribal Leaders

  • Jungle camp of children and young people in climate Heritage site.

  • Advocacy rally and climate action campaign.

  • Sharing of success story through performing art by NGO

  • Plantation by School Students

  • Adopting forest village for creation of Climate action group and promotion of Biodiversity Garden

  • Promotion of Climate Action Network at KT Global School and linking with Youth climate network group of other countries'

  • Preparation for representation at COP28

C. Follow Up Action After Global Summit.

  • Promotion of International Youth Climate Network at KT Global School, Bhubaneswar
  • Exchange of information with National and international groups through network.
  • Promotion of biodiversity garden and biodiversity club in schools.
  • Publications of newsletter of youth network for online curriculum.
  • Distribution of young people climate declaration to government, UN agencies and participants.
  • Publication and distribution of global submit proceedings.
  • Promotion of network of teachers on climate action.
global summit 2023

Outcomes Of The Global Summit

The outcome of the global summit will be at multiple levels. The declaration and recommendation of the Summit shall be submitted to UN agencies, State and national governments, and appropriate follow-up action shall be initiated for curbing climate change issues and promoting sustainable biodiversity management. The outcomes of the Global Summit are summarized as follows:

  • Children and young people climate action Declaration
  • Global network of children and young people on climate change.
  • Promoting Biodiversity gardens in Schools and colleges.
  • Environmental learning of school children and young people through Jungle camps.
  • Dissemination of environmental learning through performing art, audio-visual aids, pencil drawing, painting essays, photography, and videography.
  • Voice of children and young people aired through interaction in mock parliament.
  • Organizing Story Telling workshops by indigenous leaders, indigenous groups, and NGOs disseminating grass root of issues of climate change.
  • Organizing Small Group round table discussions on climate justice facilitating interaction by school children, adolescents, and young people with Bureaucrats, Public leaders, Media persons, Environment scientists.
  • Publishing proceedings of the Global Summit in a colorful book with photographs.
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